With over 200 e-mails collected during the event. It's clear that MetaPortal has captured the hearts of kids and parents. The successful implementation of MetaPortal demonstrates that Metaverse and web3 technologies can be made accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their background or technical expertise.

MTR X The Sandbox

Metaportal is a proof that virtual assets and lands can be both practical and enjoyable. Despite skepticism surrounding their usefulness, Metaportal demonstrates that virtual lands can be fun and accessible to everyone. This was demonstrated through the MetaPortal integration Sandbox land by MTR, which provided a fun and engaging experience for users.

Tech4life @ Central Market

By hosting fun activities like dancing and filmmaking events on the Sandbox land, Metaportal has proven that virtual assets can be brought to life beyond the confines of the virtual world, further expanding their potential practical applications.


With Metaportal, concerts and live music events become even more immersive, offering a practical application of NFTs such as Bored Ape and Sandbox. Users can now dance alongside their favorite music and generate a music video in no time, thanks to the platform's unique features. Metaportal is changing the way we experience virtual events and highlighting the potential of NFTs in creating engaging and interactive experiences.

Pink Panther

Metaportal takes the retail experience to the next level, by transforming every audience member into a marketing asset. Through the platform, users can create short videos sharing a brand's marketing message, effectively turning audiences of all ages and backgrounds into content creators in real life. By incentivizing these users with discounts and other offers, businesses can not only drive revenue but also collect valuable data for future marketing efforts.

Metaverse Event

Metaportal sets a new standard for streaming stations, offering unparalleled accessibility without the need for wearables. With the platform's advanced AI motion capture technology, hosts can transform into virtual avatars and perform in front of massive audiences without worrying about network issues. What's more, the audience can easily respond to the virtual world with just a simple web-based link and a single button. Metaportal is a game-changing solution, outpacing all other metaverse solutions on the market.

Airport Digital Twin

A digital replica of a physical system that captures its information. By reading data from the physical robotics system and synchronizing it in real time, the digital twin creates a virtual 3D environment that replicates the original devices. By reducing trial and error in the early stages of development and enabling remote monitoring of deployed devices, digital twins offer a cost-effective solution for managing complex systems without the need to be physically present.

Airport Geotechnical Viewer

Geotechnical Visualization is an innovative application designed to manage and visualize underground information, including boreholes, water pipes, and electrical wires. The system extracts data from GIS systems, such as ArcGIS, and synchronizes 2D basemaps with a 3D point cloud model, ensuring accurate geographic coordinates. This technology also provides advanced analytic simulation algorithms that can be applied to analyze underground information, including soil behavior and water pipe bursts.


MIC-AR provides you various types of smart tracking augmented reality technologies across different kinds of digital platforms, from marker free mobile applications to no installation required AR technologies.

Geotechnical AR

The system extracts data from GIS systems such as ArcGis, synchronizes data with high accuracy GPS devices and provides live augmented reality view of underground information.
It greatly reduces the time and uncertainty for the engineering team when locating underground information.

A.I. RETL System

Read, Extract, Transform and Load.
Our A.I. based optical character recognition, ETL technology and IoT devices to provide Digital Automation Process.
We are able to extract and unify data from several disparate sources, ranging from forms, ID cards, contracts, statements to pointcloud, GIS, BIM, CAD, PDF, sensors, bluetooth, creating an automated data process.

A.I. Recognition System

Our A.I. Recognition System detect objects, humans, gestures and provides instant alerts through mobile devices for different events, such as visits, traffics, suspicious behavior, and analyzes different types of data for you to plan a better strategy.