Data Pipeline

We extract and unify data from formats such as paper documents, GIS, BIM, CAD, PDF. We transfer and load these data to desired destinations and visualize them by implementing unique rules. Thus, creating an automated data pipeline to reduce man made error and increase productivity for different industries.

Intelligent Document Recognition

Extract data from both physical-based and digital based documents, ranging from invoices, tax forms, survey forms, and various business and administrative documents and implement rules to characterize documents and classify them correctly.

Smart CAD Data Extraction

Extract data from CAD file, ranging from coordinates, architecture data, mechanical attributes, geotechnical information and implement rules to characterize data and classify them automatically.

Advanced GIS Data Visualization

Extract data from ArcGis and visualize geotechnical information in a realistic virtual environment, implement rules to classify GIS data relationships and create custom simulation in 3D world map. Creating a more manageable and understandable GIS data platform.

Advanced BIM Data Visualization

Extract data from BIM model and implement rules to classify BIM data. Integrate custom visualization in interactive AR and VR 3D environments to increase management efficiency and decision making.