Digital Twin System

A digital twin is the digital reproduction of a physical system’s information.
The system reads data from the physical robotics system and synchronizes them in real time, replicating the original devices in a virtual 3D environment.
It assists development and production teams by providing simulation, monitoring, maintenance and optimization, reducing trial and error in early stage of development as well as monitoring deployed devices without the need of actually being there.

Crowd Simulation System

The application simulates the movement of a large number of entities by implementing an A.I. behavior system in a real life scale facility.
You can input the number of passengers to simulate population flow, estimate the maximum capacity of the facility, developing a better crowd control strategy.

Storage Simulation System

The system optimizes the best loading plans for warehouse and container. It provides a 3D visualization of floor plan and cargos, adjust cargo size, weight and place it in the loading plan.
Our custom algorithm provides loading plan recommendations to greatly reduce your time in storage planning.


MIC-AR provides you various types of smart tracking augmented reality technologies across different kinds of digital platforms, from marker free mobile applications to no installation required AR technologies.