The system extracts data from sensors, BIM, CAD, GIS, etc, providing data visualization and monitoring systems in interactive 3D environments.

Digital Twin

3eyeD synchronizes data from sensors and IoT devices deployed in building, sewage, mechanical and electrical systems, robotic devices, etc. It provides a live monitor for water leak, power surge, direct your team and locate your robots.

Robotic Simulation

Our simulation system creates virtual replicas of robotic systems before actual robots are built and deployed, forecasting possible outcomes in early stages of development.

Space and Physics Simulation

The system assists users to optimize the most viable usage of space and physic condition by implementing mathematical models in a virtual environment. Adjust objects’ mass, size, weight in the system to project whether packages of goods are fully utilizing the container or warehouse.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Our system is able to integrate VR/AR with 3D BIM architecture, GIS data, robotic simulation training and virtual preview, providing engaging and immersive experience that could enhance learning and development efficiency.